Pro-Russian militants involve priests in provocations on the front

2019-08-18 21:05:58: РИСУ

On the direction of Prymorsk city, Pro-Russian mercenaries provoke Ukrainian defenders. In particular – the do it with the involvement of priests. Meanwhile, they take advantage of Ukrainian soldiers not shooting in response, they strengthen their positions and bring up ammunition, reports "5 kanal", Ukrainian television station.

During the declared truce, shooting on the Prymorsk sector of the front became significantly less intensive. However, the enemy does not lay down arms.

"Provocations are systematic. Constant provocative attacks from the other side with small arms, and several times over the past two days there were the attacks of RPG on our positions", – said soldier "Kuper".

Soldiers caught on video one of the enemy's provocations, – on the recording, a priest appears on the enemy's positions and makes strange hand movements.

"He made a sign of the cross over their positions, came back and did it over us, our positions, or cursed. We don't know what they were doing. But they try to destabilize our troops in different ways," - 'Sarmat' recalls.

His co-soldier "Khimik" adds: "Sometimes a priest can get out in armour, but his head is without a helmet. He makes a sign of the cross over himself, does it again in our direction and climbs down. Once he got out even without armour, in a cassock, he was standing there maybe for 20 minutes".

Every time, enemy diversionists try to get closer to the positions of the Mariulop defenders to harm them.

"Our guys detected movement at such close distances, an approach occurred, so they have been forced to signal that we are here, we are holding the line," – points out "Kuper".

"Sarmat" also says: "They are checking whether we are on station, or we are watching them. They can crawl a little bit to see how we react to them, can shoot, they are waiting for the right moment."

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